WebHostingPad Hosting Review 2020 | Best Overview
WebHostingPad Hosting Review

WebHostingPad Hosting Review 2020 | Best Overview


WebHostingPad Hosting Review & Overview

WebHostingPad – separated from Omnis networks in 2005. The company’s goal: “The need for affordable hosting is growing. The company provides the best hosting services at a price at which everyone can afford a piece of web space.”

What is included in WebHostingPad hosting?

Hosting planPrice
plan for 1 year$ 3.99 / month
plan for 2 years$ 2.99 / month
plan for 3 years$ 1.99 / month
Disk spaceUnlimited
Monthly trafficUnlimited
Adding domainsUnlimited
Domain ParkingUnlimited
Free domainYes
Site builderYes
Frontpage ExtensionsYes
FTP AccessYes
Email FeaturesDetails
Email AccountsUnlimited
Answering machineYes
Spam filteringYes
PGP / GPG encryptionYes
Programs / PluginsDetails
mySQL databaseUnlimited

 Cheap hosting services

WebHostingPad their services for such a low price that we can say about them that they are crazy! $ 1.99 / mo for unlimited disk space, unlimited traffic and an unlimited number of domains on the account.

 Unlimited Domains

Just like FatCow, Bluehost, and Hostgator, WebHostingPad offers unlimited disk space, unlimited traffic and the number of added domains. In other words, you can install all your sites on one hosting account.

What problems may arise with hosting WebHostingPad?

Low fame

WebHostingPad is little known in the American hosting market. This does not mean that they are bad, but from the point of view of competition, the user seeks to choose a better-known company.

Problems with server uptime

There are many complaints about WebHostingPad servers uptime. It seems that WebHostingPad servers are overloaded and they need to improve the time of the smooth operation of servers.

Customer Reviews WebHostingPad

WebHostingPad is incredible! “Webhostingpad offers a free rich set of features, quality service, high-speed servers, and continuous uptime. I am very, very impressed. I did not expect this from a cheap hosting company. A great company that really cares about its customers.” – Jung Soo Kang from TeamMuppet.co.uk @ Dec 4, 2008.

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Conclusion: Would I recommend the Weghostingpad?

WebHostingPad is not the best hosting you can buy. They chose a niche cheap hosting. It is almost impossible to find unlimited hosting cheaper than $ 1.99 / month! If you are ready to turn a blind eye to an illiterate technical help and unreliable servers, then WebHostingPad is for you. Otherwise, see HostGator and FatCow hosting reviews.

WebHostingPad recently got a second hosting package called Power Plan Plus, I haven’t tested it yet, maybe it is better than the first one. The price of Power Plan Plus starts at $ 3.99 / month. Virtual SSL, SSH access, advanced spam filter, and improved statistics have been added to Power Plan Plus.

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WebHostingPad Hosting Review
WebHostingPad Hosting Review

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